Let your Soul lead you to the life full of love and abundance you have been longing for. Reconnect To Your Heart.

Let Twin Flames Healing & Activation Program Help You To:

* Change your perceptions of Love and the Twin Flame Connection
* Expand your consciousness
* Open your heart chakra
* Change your programming
* Heal past wounds
* Clear past lives karma
* Raise your vibration
* Create healthy boundaries and destroy unhealthy barriers
* Increase the level of Love in your life
* Attract your true Divine Partner into your life
* Reunite with your Twin Flame / Soulmate / Divine Partner
* Create a thriving, passionate relationship full of beautiful intimacy
* Let your Soul be your guide and lead you Back To Love

There is a world around you that remains hidden only to be found within your heart.

I believe in you. Let’s do this together




1. Twin Flames Deep Dive: Understanding The Twin Flames Concept

We start our journey with a powerful Shamanic Blessing and a Prayer.
What is a Twin Flame connection and why are more and more people encountering it
Understand “Why Love Hurts” and where the pain comes from
Dispel some myths before going into training
How to start your day with and in love

Video 1: Labels & Understanding The Twin Flame Experience
Video 2: Myths & Understanding The True Nature of The Twin Flame
Video 3: Tools For Love, Introduction
Audio 1: Understanding The Importance of Vibrations
Audio 2: The Art Of Becoming You: The Call To Transformation
Audio 3: Divine Path To Twin Flame

2. Soul Contracts & Karmic Cleansing

Understand Soul Contracts and free will
The role of Love in Soul Contracts and free will
Understand “Separation”
The role and the importance of the Subconscious in your waking life and in your resting life
What is lucid dreaming and why is it important
What is dream-walking and how to utilize your subconscious for healing
How to bring 5D experiences into 3D
What is the process of Unification
Why Twin Flame experience is here and what it means

Video 4: Soul Contracts Explained
Audio 4: Karmic Cleansing Meditation
Audio 5: Aura Cleansing Meditation

3. Inviting Divine Guidance

Activate your inner guides through a wonderful activation meditation: Spirit Guides

Why Spirit Guides are here
The role of Spirit Guides in your search for love
How Spirit Guides communicate with us
How Spirit Guides guide us
How our Spirit Guides lead us
The benefit of connecting with Spirit Guides
Why and how to create a sacred space in your environment
Signs your Spirit Guides are with you

Video 5: What is Divine Guidance
Audio 6: Spirit Guides Meditation

4. Subconscious Activation & Clearing Negative Beliefs Clearing

Reconnect to your Subconscious and transform your entire life:
Overcome depression
Relieve anxiety
Strengthen your immunity.
Gain clarity
Activate synchronization
Expand your belief system

Audio 7: What is the Subconscious and How To Activate It
Audio 8: Clearing Negative Beliefs Meditation

Guided meditation to help you clear negative subconscious beliefs and help you build a happier, healthier foundation

This Is Not Just A Course — It’s an 8-Week Divinely Guided Healing & Activation Program

Part 1: Clearing Karma, Inviting Divine Guidance and Subconscious Activation

We start our healing journey with a Powerful Blessing and by consciously allowing your Soul to take the front seat, becoming the CEO of your life and Being. After that we start clearing karmic patterns, reclaiming your powers and activating your Subconscious (mind) and inviting Divine Guidance (your Guides and Angels) to assist you in this wonderful journey.

Part 2: Healing Past Wounds and Elevating The Level Of Intimacy

This is the most powerful and at the same time the most challenging part of the program. This is where you have to commit to do the work and start healing past wounds and old patterns. Cleaning, clearing, purging. Is it hard? Yes. Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY YESSS!!

11 Powerful Healing Meditations
Along with the program you will get 11 Guided Healing Meditations for healing past wounds and activation meditations absolutely FREE. These meditations are available per module and in a separate Module: Meditations.

7 Inspiring Audios About Love and Twin Flames
There are 7 inspiring audios about love and twin flames available to help you change your perceptions around love and twin flames and help you expand your consciousness around Love and new ways of loving.



5. Renew yourself and heal past life wounds with Reiki

Discover the healing powers of Reiki:
What is reiki
The purpose and power of Reiki
How Reiki works
Past life healing with Reiki and why is it important
What is grounding
How to release emotional pain

Video6: What is Grounding and why it’s important
Audio 9: Sacred Fire Grounding Ritual-Meditation & Prayer to reconnect to the Source Energy

6. How To Enhance Your Twin Flame Experience

Learn how to move from a place of sadness, stagnation and suffering into a place of flow, love, and abundance.

Script your way to Union exercise
Soulfood exercise
Tools and techniques to secure the union
Why your divine partner is here
How to get into the union (faster)

Video 7: How to enhance your Twin Flame Experience
Audio 10: Twin Flame Sacred Heart Meditation & Prayer
Audio 11: Authentic Self Meditation
Audio 12: Divine Love Meditation

7. Karma and The Truth About Karmic Twin

Understand what Karma is and how Karma affects you
Why we live in a karmic circle
Understand The Law of Cause and Effect
Understand types of Karma
What is a karmic relationship
How to stop Karma
The importance of forgiveness
How to stop the flow of negative energy
How to alleviate suffering
What is Dharma
How to transition from karma into dharma.

Video 8: Karma and Karmic Relationships
Audio 13: Karma Clearing Meditation
A powerful meditation to pull your power back from karmic relationships

8. Intimacy Secrets To Secure A Union

The importance of desire and the engine of intimacy.
How to open your heart chakra and remove blocks in intimacy.
What is Sacred Source and the Unification of the heart.
Powerful exercises to establish inner intimacy.
Affirmation to increase the level of love and intimacy in your life and to attract love

Video 9: Intimacy Secrets To Secure A Union
Audio 14: Reconnect To Sacred Source Energy [Love & Abundance] Meditation

I want the WE word, and I want to sow seeds of WE.

There is a world around you that remains hidden only to be found within your heart.

It’s not me, it’s not I, and it’s not you. I want the WE word, and I want to sow seeds of we.

* Do you believe in love?
* Do you believe in love at first sight?
* Do you believe in twin flames, soulmates, and divine partners?
* Do you believe in predestined plans?

I believe that love exists and the fairytale lies in the foundation of how we build relationships.
What do men really want? What do women really want? We all want love.

I want love. I want to feel love. I want to focus on that powerful word in the love search. WE!  What can we do? Where will we go? What do you think we can see?

The first and hardest part of my journey was realizing I wanted to work on myself.

I believe WE will manifest the love and abundance that we are seeking, if WE LEARN TO LOVE. Period.

I believe in you. Let’s do this together

About Ryan


A Masterpiece

“Written by Ryan Keys is truly a transformational book. For souls that have never truly known a stable relationship or have been continually seeking out your soulmate your entire life. This book is for you. It asks you tough questions so you can find your answers within your own soul. For women this is your how to guide on how to put yourself in the right vibrational space to meet your potential soulmate. For men this is your guide on how to move the past and working on yourself to become the best version of yourself.”  – Amazon Customer

Divine help in Disguise for those looking for that lasting love!

“The author of this book puts his heart and soul into his passion of helping people find their divine love. It is really amazing that ,this time, he takes a step forward in doing so .his knowledge is vast, experience extensive,strenght unwavering and his passion to spread love in the world is always a wildfire.he calls himself humbly ” just an alarm clock at the crossroads” and ” a man with big mouth ” but ,truly, he builds your foundation brick by brick with utmost care. Get your copy today and make that start to a new shift of understanding love in your life.” – Amazon Customer

Wonderful read inviting us all to a new paradigm

“Insightful, intelligent, playful read, well worth the investment in time and money. Author Ryan Keys is a wise and soulful spiritual warrior helps us to understand truths about love in a new way. If you are looking for your soulmate start here. Ryan is magic.” – Amazon Customer

Ryan is an intuitive soul of the highest order and my choice to connect with him for spiritual guidance by our first phone consultation was the greatest move I ever made for myself.

He could so vividly read the deepest intentions of my heart and soul and instantly knew what I was going through without me even having to share a word about my situation.

While we were connecting, I was mesmerized because he was explaining things to with me that I so sorely needed to understand about myself as well as the blockages from past pain that I carried with me that were stunting me from true personal growth.


Ryan is one of the brightest lights on this planet.

A really powerful healer and a loving, (com)passionate love guide you will be safe with on your journey to love and abundance.

Knowing Ryan is one of the biggest blessings in my life. If you are serious about changing your life for ever and start living a life full of love and abundance, I wish you with all my heart that you … pause … feel … and join Ryan who will lead you with love and care to the very core of it All, The Sacred Heart.


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