Intuitive Reiki Healer & Founder Divine Love Academy

My mission is to live My Truth, and help you discover and live yours.
I am the guide at the crossroads that can help you help yourself. At the age of 21 I went through a near death experience due to a horrific accident, which crushed the right side of my face. As a result I had to go through over 9 1/2 hours of surgery. This is where I found a new place of being. This struggle would be the very moment that showed me the other side, and erased all doubt I had about the after life.

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The events and things I saw on the other side colored a new way of seeing life. I am what most people call a walk-in.
This intuitive sight and drive to help people at first appeared to be a bit of a curse.
Then when I finally started to understand the wonderful benefits this insight came with I knew it was divine destiny.

I have studied as many types of religions and ancient arts as I can get my hands on.
I constantly seek to improve myself and my insights. I have given intuitive advice and counseling to thousands of people
over the past 15 years.

I have worked as a professional actor, and then after a battle with cancer I went to the medical field.
That is when I decided to bring forward my healing and intuitive gifts. Lets begin this journey together

Claire Kelly

Intuitive Healer / MBIT coach

I am on a mission to awaken, empower , inform and teach others; to liberate the human spirit and to assist clients to live/step into their optimal self.
One of the biggest challenges I face daily is having to be in allowance of seeing others in a state of ‘self-induced’ pain and suffering. Clients struggling with soul loss, stuck in past memories or trauma… It is these ‘energy leaks’ which eventually lead to physical dis-ease and illness in the body; an attempt from our soul to wake us up to where we need to heal. Shamanic healing is one of the most powerful processes I have come across to help restore balance.

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Dealing with your shadow side, your deepest emotional pain, the crap – it’s where you will have the biggest breakthroughs.

Having the courage to face your ‘demons’, clear old patterns of self-sabotage, outdated beliefs and to shift your sub-conscious programs will transform your life.

Stop wasting precious time focusing on things you cannot control.

Take ownership of your body, your mind, your life and start creating what you really want. Contact me now to get started.


Yoga & Tantra. Reiki healer. Energy worker

I’ve had a vision for years to empower other women who have been victimized, who are broken in spirit & seeking to fall in love with themselves. I intuitively knew long ago that this was my destiny, and also that I had to embark on the journey to my own ‘dream woman’ to even know where to begin. My hope is to inspire women to a greater relationship with Self than they’ve ever known, to develop a new intimacy within her own Being, to exercise self-love & compassion, and to ignite the fiery, passionate flame to simply BE who she was born to BE!

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Cat’s story began at age 5 when she first encountered child sexual abuse, repeatedly in her formative years. She spent 30 years living in a victim mentality –always questioning her value and what she had to offer, afraid of failure, afraid to speak up or set boundaries or afraid she would hurt others if she did. Battling the effects of sexual & drug abuse, she existed in her own mental prison of brokenness, shame, helplessness, self-sabotage, and depression. She had hope for a way out of the darkness, but not a clue where to begin. It took a lot of digging deeper, going inward, peeling off layers to discover tools & practices to consciously create the woman she’d always dreamed of becoming.

“I now believe in the power of my own mind to create my unique reality, and actively pursue a deeper mind-body-Spirit connection or “Union” through a pure yogic lifestyle. Committed to my Higher Self, the possibilities of my Being, and manifesting my greatest reality, I’m living in the discipline of the warrior goddess –actively loving my Self into my own dream woman.


Hatha YTT with High Vibe Yoga Instructor, Reiki Healer, Sound healer.

My soul’s purpose is to embody and transmit radical loving freedom.

I am living that purpose with a mission to connect people across apparent divisions and restore trust between the masculine and feminine poles within and between us.
I run private and corporate trainings in compassionate authenticity, i.e. having the difficult conversations well. I love supporting people who are ready to move beyond spiritual bypassing BS and really feel and integrate their shadow material.

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I’m also passionate about supporting men to live beyond the brittle definitions of masculinity and manhood that we have inherited. At the www.BrotherhoodCommunity.com my co-founders and I are running cutting edge trainings and retreats in embodied, integrated male leadership. We are equipping men with the depth and range to be potent, attuned allies to women in this time of the rising feminine.

Almost two decades of doing and leading Men’s Work, plus a decade counseling couples, have led me to a profound emerging commitment: I am bringing male and female bodied people together to heal the wounds and restore reverence between the masculine and feminine poles inside and out. The Gender Alchemy project is brand new and SO FUCKING ALIVE! I have been doing some of the most potent coaching of my life with women over the last year, inviting radical tantric aliveness into an exquisitely boundaried somatic therapeutic container. My clients are waking their desire and power in ways none of us saw coming, and it is translating into relationships, career, and more! And my collaborateurs and I have some exciting community offerings on the horizon…

I’m so stoked to know you and look forward to finding ways we can amplify each other’s medicine and mission in the world! Let me know how I can be of service to you!



Intuitive Insight & Tarot Cards Reader

I have been a student of Astrology, Numerology & Tarot for several years and although my knowledge serves me well, learning the craft of divination is a long-term developmental process that can last a life-time.

Tarot Cards provide an excellent overview of the querents situation and is a great divinatory tool to foretell possible future events or what ‘blockages’ need to be tackled at this present moment to achieve a more desirable future outcome.

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Co-founder and Community Manager at Divine Love Academy

My mission is to help you reconnect to your Divinity and help you find the love you seek.  My happiness is founded by inspiring you to live the life of love, find and live your Divine Purpose.
I’ve learned that when we reconnect to our core, our deep, authentic Self, we find our connection with God and life becomes heaven on Earth.

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I’ve spent over 20 years trying to UNDERSTAND Love. I have been blessed in so many ways. I have been bathing in love for so many years. And … given all that I didn’t understand it. I was also hurt by very same Love time after time after time.
As more and more questions started to surface I didn’t have answers to, I decided to embark on a mission, to start my own Quest to find out what Love is and how it ‘works’.
Have I found my answers?

Far from it… The deeper I dove into the subject, more and more questions bubbled to the surface. The more questions I had the more impassioned and intrigued by Love I became. The more fervent I become about Love, the more unexplainable ‘things’ started to happen to me. My personal Quest for Love became my duty and honor- to help you find the Love you seek and to help you heal your past wounds and by helping you, I live the very Life of Love I have been searching for.
How do I do that? I share with you the best teachers and healers who helped me in my healing journey. I share with you the wisdom of my beautiful Guides, my teachers I wish I had met earlier in life.Like the saying goes, “Be the person you needed when you had no one.” I invite you to continue this beautiful journey of love together with me, as we continue to create a deeper understanding of the importance of becoming one with ourselves! By learning to connect to our Higher Selves, we will transform from being Seekers of Love into the Leaders in Love we were designed to be.

“With love as your guide, the uniqueness of all can be equally appreciated, without the pain of conflict dividing you from another.” – Matt Kahn

Let Love be your Guide

Love. Always.

Heal. Help. Teach. Love. Inspire.

Become a teacher, healer, content creator for Divine Love Academy, join our Soul Family.

You and I are the same.

Everything that you have been through has led you here to this particular moment in time.

You and I are the same, on the same mission with the same message, and that message is unconditional LOVE. This path, this purpose is providing you an opportunity for unlimited potential to live in your truth. It is about helping others to heal and to connect with their soul’s purpose in life. To love and be loved.

Do you have a message to share with the world? Are you a healer, a spiritual teacher and feel a higher calling, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Let me help you to help others!

Much Love.

Spirituality & Ascension
We will share ideas, concepts, and non-biased beliefs that help better all beings. You will be able to involve yourself in conversations that will create a healthy space for discussion and growth. This is a process that will aid you in the great awakening.
Love & Relationships
Learning to love starts long before a relationship. Maybe you are just wandering and wondering where you may have gone wrong. Today is the day you can do it differently. Love is waiting.
Purpose & Mission
Perspective and purpose go hand and hand. Sit down with us and redefine your purpose with unlimited possibilities. A message can become a mission, and your mission is here.
Authentic Living
Authentic living is about being truthful to you. The moment you decide that you are the key to unlock what life has to offer. A leap of faith into finding you. You are your answer.
Business & Spirituality
Your passion is your path to thriving not just surviving. You have access to unlimited potential when you tap into your self-worth.
Let us help you to infuse your truth into becoming your best self.
Hero’s Journey
Just the fact that you have made it this far says you are a Hero. Hard times hit us all, and we all have a story to tell. Hope, faith, and finding your truth is where Heros happen!

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