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I am the guide at the crossroads that can help you to help yourself.

At the age of 21 I went through a near death experience due to a horrific accident, which crushed the right side of my face. As a result I had to go through over 9 1/2 hours of surgery. This is where I found a new place of being.

This struggle would be the very moment that showed me the other side, and erased all doubt I had about the after life.

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The events and things I saw on the other side colored a new way of seeing life. I am what most people call a walk-in.
This intuitive sight and drive to help people at first appeared to be a bit of a curse.
Then when I finally started to understand the wonderful benefits this insight came with I knew it was divine destiny.

I have studied as many types of religions and ancient arts as I can get my hands on.
I constantly seek to improve myself and my insights. I have given intuitive advice and counseling to thousands of people
over the past 15 years.

I have worked as a professional actor, and then after a battle with cancer I went to the medical field.
That is when I decided to bring forward my healing and intuitive gifts. Lets begin this journey together

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My Courses

Divine Love Academy is the place where guides/teachers come together to help you be a better you.

The Laws Of Love


Keys To Love, Friendship & Intimacy

Become a Love Leader. Find The Love that you seek.

Ryan Keys

Ryan is a clear beacon for me in remembering who I am and in helping clear the space to find my own answers inside.


Twin Flames

Find out what Twin Flames are and what they are not.


Ryan Keys

Ryan, you reached deeper and touched my soul and pulled me out of my comfort zone. I really don’t feel comfortable talking about sexuality. What I thought I was, wasn’t really my true, deep self. Your words rang a bell. Today, you opened my soul on a different perspective and got me thinking again.

You’re amazing! You hit me right to the core. I felt it and I was totally vulnerable with you today. As if you cast a spell on me.

My Trang

“There is a marked difference in my decision-making ability and my ability to MOVE”

I had a session with Ryan and one of the things we discussed was connection with Self.  He encouraged me to begin a regime of spending time with my reflection in the mirror, daily, and to treat it as important as any other area of self care. I tried it and could definitely feel a difference even after just one day.

I have noticed that the days I choose to not make time for it, there is a marked difference in my decision-making ability and my ability to MOVE. We need ourselves, period.

Mirror work is a great way, I’ve experienced, to connect and truly realize our innate connection to Everything.


“Mr upbeat buddha, as I would like to refer him, is the treasure find of my life.”

I have been working with him the past six months which has been the best worthy time ever spent on self development and self love. He really forced me to look deep within to realise some of my hidden flaws and showed me different ways to work on them.

He really listens and addresses many of my issues and questions through interactive conversations and you tube videos. I look at life with a totally different perspective on many things that challenge me in everyday life. He is a soul filled with generosity and a passion to color this world red with love. I bet you will not find just a coach in him but a friend for lifetime. He gives back much more than what we ask for.

I vouch, you will only benefit since you will grow so much from within and completely blossom from outside.

Thank you Ryan !


“Ryan has continued to be a special life coach and teacher to me whom I now proudly and lovingly refer to as my guru”

Many times he has sent me an angel card the day before or in a recent case 30 minutes prior to when I had a major life situation happen in which the angel card gave me the guidance I needed on how to handle it. Amazing!

His guidance and friendship has meant the world to me and I know he has helped many people in the same way.

Debra Lynn

Ryan mastered the art of seeing and recognising Love.
His beautiful insights teach me every day how to live a life of Love.


Masterclass of the Month

Every month we offer a FREE In depth Masterclass on different topics.

Twin Flames & Soul Mates. Mysteries Revealed. 

Friday, July 21

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What I Do


Group Coaching

$111 per year

By purchasing one of my courses, you will be added to my Private Facebook Group where I will be guiding you on a weekly basis through new {private} videos, and answering your questions.


One on One Coaching

$111 per hour

Personal coaching and Intuitive Consultation Sessions.

One on One personal interaction where we utilize a variety of tools like tarot, astrology, and the I-Ching.

(scheduled at least twice a month and conducted over the telephone via Viber, Whatsapp, or phone if in USA, also some information you would like to share with me.)



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Ryan really helped me with self realization and self reflection.
I needed to dig deeper into the rabbit hole to search for the truth.
So I started 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Ryan.
I’ve learnt how to get closer to the God’s side/the good side during my meditations.
So my future will never be my past again.
My true anti-depression drug is mediation and stay in the present.


Words Of Love

"Bless You Ryan..for all the goodness and positivity that you want to bring into this world.."

"My eternal gratitude, Ryan. You inspired me to do things I always wanted to do but I was stuck. Love, light and peace."

"You're absolutely amazing. I look forward to everything you put out."

"Yeesss! Leaders are here, and so needed
Thank you! You. being."

"Ryan, Your energy is magnetic, words beautiful, poignant, poetic."

"Undeniable you are so talented and have a passionate positive vibration that magnifying us.. "


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