Divine Love Meditations

Feel love, compassion and happiness flow through your body and watch magic unfold.

Gratitude Meditation

Activate your Divine Essense within you.

Experience bliss and joy of Being Alive and let the love fill in your very Being.
Feel love, compassion and happiness flow through your body and watch magic unfold.


Good Night Meditation

Sleep peaceful in the air of protection around you.

Kick off your shoes, Beautiful One, as this is one of those meditations, one of those final moments before you are ready to drift off peacefully to sleep and leave the worries and anxieties behind you.



Confidence Earth Energy Meditation


Become your vibrant self.

A guided meditation for those of you who is feeling anxious or need to release tension, and increase your confidence. To help you feel that confident, attractive person that you ARE.
Become your vibrant self.


Authentic Self / Love Meditation

Get a glimpse of your new wonderful life.

A relaxing meditation that takes you on a wonderful, relaxing journey into your own beautiful inner world. Let go off the past and old hurts and see yourself living a new wonderful life you’ve created.

A meditation to find more of your Authentic Self and get a glimps of your new wonderful life.


ASMR Meditation / Creative Visualisation

“A kiss of Bliss” Manifestation Meditation

This meditation is designed to put you in a place of Bliss, in a place of Mindful Experience.
It’s designed to activate your Shakti and your Shiva, your right and your left brain. To enhance to cortex that connects those two together. To stimulate your mind. Your Blissful Mind. The mind of the moment. This meditation is a higher level of meditation, a unique level of Life and humor and learning and laughing.


Divine Love Meditation

Love Activation Meditation. Fall in love with your body.

Embrace love, health and abundance.
Welcome your Inner Child, Welcome your Higher Self.


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