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About Ryan

I am the guide at the crossroads that can help you to help yourself.

At the age of 21 I went through a near death experience due to a horrific accident, which crushed the right side of my face. As a result I had to go through over 9 1/2 hours of surgery, this is where I found a new place of being.

This struggle would be the very moment that showed me the other side, and erased all doubt I had about the after life.

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The events and things I saw on the other side colored a new way of seeing life. I am what most people call a walk-in.
This intuitive sight and drive to help people at first appeared to be a bit of a curse.
Then when I finally started to understand the wonderful benefits this insight came with I knew it was divine destiny.

I have studied as many types of religions and ancient arts as I can get my hands on.
I constantly seek to improve myself and my insights. I have given intuitive advice and counseling to thousands of people
over the past 15 years.

I have worked as a professional actor, and then after a battle with cancer I went to the medical field.
That is when I decided to bring forward my healing and intuitive gifts. Lets begin this journey together

Ryan is a beautiful soul, an enlightened being who always follows his heart.
 You always show me the way but never tell me what to see. You are an accurate guide in the moments I need you the most. Thank you for encouraging me to follow my own intuition and giving my soul a voice.
I love you. Namaste.

Monica Yániz

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The Guidance You Wish You Had Long Ago

Divine Love Academy is the place where guides/teachers come together to help you be a better you.

About Oksana

“What you Seek is seeking you.”

You stumbled upon DIVINE LOVE ACADEMY for a reason. Whether you’re looking for Love, trying to figure out Love, have been hurt by Love, and healing your past wounds, chances are, you are like me, a LOVE Seeker. Although, you may not label yourself as such (I have hard time with labels myself), but if you are anything like me, something inside of you searches unceasingly. I know this Search for Love, this Quest can seem endless at times, frustrating beyond words, but I encourage you to take hope and have faith because you were never alone on this journey. Just like the great poet, Rumi, beautifully said, “What you seek is seeking you”.

I’ve spent over 20 years trying to UNDERSTAND Love. I have been blessed in so many ways. I have been bathing in love for so many years. And … given all that I didn’t understand it. I was also hurt by very same Love time after time after time.
As more and more questions started to surface I didn’t have answers to, I decided to embark on a mission, to start my own Quest to find out what Love is and how it ‘works’.
Have I found my answers?

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Far from it… The deeper I dove into the subject, more and more questions bubbled to the surface. The more questions I had the more impassioned and intrigued by Love I became. The more fervent I become about Love, the more unexplainable ‘things’ started to happen to me. My personal Quest for Love became my duty and honor- to help you find the Love you seek and to help you heal your past wounds and by helping you, I live the very Life of Love I have been searching for.
How do I do that? I share with you the best teachers and healers who helped me in my healing journey. I share with you the wisdom of my beautiful Guides, my teachers I wish I had met earlier in life.Like the saying goes, “Be the person you needed when you had no one.” I invite you to continue this beautiful journey of love together with me, as we continue to create a deeper understanding of the importance of becoming one with ourselves! By learning to connect to our Higher Selves, we will transform from being Seekers of Love into the Leaders in Love we were designed to be.
“With love as your guide, the uniqueness of all can be equally appreciated, without the pain of conflict dividing you from another.” – Matt Kahn
Let Love be your Guide
Love. Always.

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The Laws Of Love

Keys To Love, Friendship & Intimacy

Ryan Keys

Ryan mastered the art of seeing and recognising Love.
His beautiful insights teach me every day how to live a life of Love.



Let Love Into Your Life

Guided Meditation by Chris Schippers
Guided Meditation by Chris Schippers

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